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FREE Educational E-Book - We Believe: Thirty Days to Understanding Our Heritage. This excellent book by Jack Watts and David Dunham presents core American values in a readable, 10-minute a day format—from the pens of those who originally forged this great nation out of a noble idea.  (Paperback copies of the book are available for group study.)

We Believe America

Follow-up Discussion Questions
PDF Download Select questions from this list for follow-up discussion after the program. Consider forming a weekly discussion group to explore the topics more fully and to implement an action plan in your community.

One Pagers
One pagers (some are double-sided) on Life, on Marriage, and on Religious Liberty about What You Need To Know and What You Can Do.

Imagine if all across the country Evangelicals, Mainline, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians could speak with one voice.

Please download the one pagers, read them and circulate them with your family, friends, neighbors, Bible Study group, your pastor, Church members, leaders in the community, teachers and other educators, reporters in the media, business owners and the like.

PDF Download For Life
PDF Download For Marriage
PDF Download For Religious Liberty

PDF Download Handout

Research data
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PDF Download Why Marriage Matters
PDF Download Marriage Index
PDF Download Taxpayer Cost of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing
PDF Download Second Chances for Marriage
PDF Download
Timeline for the Crisis in Marriage
PDF Download How Good for Children is the Good Divorce

Religious Liberty
PDF Download Our First Most Cherished Liberty
PDF Download Marriage and Religious Freedom Letter
PDF Download Recent and Pending Cases in Religious Liberty

Additional Materials
Click here to view
"SLED" – Scott Klusendorf
"How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less" – Scott Klusendorf
Click here to view Image of God – John Stonestreet
Click here to view Ethics at the Edge of Life Series – Scott Rae and Scott Klusendorf
"Answering the Theological Case for Abortion Rights" – Scott Klusendorf
Gilbert Mileander, Bioethics: a Primer for Christian, 2nd edition
“Life, the Great Non-Negotiable,” BreakPoint Commentary (8/11/11). –  Chuck Colson
Why the Church Needs Bioethics – John Kilner
Contraception and the Devolution of Human Rights – Joseph Loconte

Interview with Glenn Stanton, Why The Ring Makes All the Difference. Breakpoint this Week.
Interview with Jennifer Roback Morse, Life-Long Married Love. BreakPoint this Week
PDF Download "The Good of Marriage" Summit Ministries Journal
Click here to view Marriage and Family Part 1 – Jeff Myers
Click here to view Marriage and Family Part 2 – Jeff Myers
Correct, not Politically Correct – Frank Turek
PDF Download What is Marriage?  – Sherif Girgis, Robert George, and Ryan Anderson

Religious Liberty
“Letter from Birmingham Jail.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
Interview with Robert George and Timothy George. BreakPoint this Week
Interview with Alan Sears. BreakPoint this Week
An Urgent Call to Defend Religious Liberty. 
Timeline: Obama Administration Actions Affecting U.S. Religious Freedom – Christianity Today