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Read feedback from Breaking the Spiral of Silence mobilization sites around the country.

As your mobilization grows, we want to hear from you about what you're doing, what's working, and what kinds of responses you're getting. With your help and participation, we hope to implement and facilitate a national network of mobilizations working together to spread the message on life, marriage and religious liberty.

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Feedback from hosts of Breaking the Spiral of Silence groups:

We had a group of 10 people- both Evangelical and Catholic - for the launch. Here are some highlights

We had a great time discussing the concept of Breaking the Spiral of Silence and the issues of Life, of Marriage and of Religious Liberty.  Even though we tried to keep on time, the enthusiasm was so great that we ran over by a half an hour and some people stuck around for another half hour.  It is clear that several of us will host more meetings exactly like this and go viral.

The "So What" questions were critical. Okay, what are we going to do with this?  We realized how irrelevant the Church is becoming by being silent and at best focusing on church planting instead of engagement.  We plan to use the one-pages on Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty to engage pastors, educators, media and those running for office.  We also plan to get Christians registered to vote.  This is key, because so many Christians who are eligible to vote are not registered.

We are so thankful for Chuck Colson, his vision for this project and for his ministry.
We discussed the content, and I gave each person (8 of us total) the three handouts. We plan on doing the Manhattan Declaration Bible Study together in the coming weeks. My husband and I also plan to host another watching and discussion group in the summer.
Our group thought the speakers and the info and challenge were wonderful. Seemed you put voice to thoughts we all have been thinking. One man said a couple days later that he had already shared the info with others. It was also the topic in our Sunday School class the next Sunday. Thanks so much!
We need to speak up. I plan to research the talking points on those three issues and be ready to speak up. The main take-away for me was the info about the different ministries offering short "talking points" to educate myself and others.
I have gone to the website and printed the one pagers for each topic and am becoming familiar with the facts to be able to present them in a winsome way.
Two days ago, I held a second Breaking the Spiral of Silence session with 11 people, 6 of whom were in their mid 20s. It was clear from the group, particularly the young people, that this was the first real time that they had talked about Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty. Just having the session broke the Spiral of Silence. The young people really enjoyed the conversation and were inspired. The older group really enjoyed the intergenerational dialogue.